Radu Dick

freelance software developer

My name is Radu Dick and I am a romanian freelance software and web developer. I am based in Bucharest, Romania, a growing country with a very competitive IT market and skilled personnel.

Radu Dick - freelancer, software developer This website will show you some information about me and my continuous growing area of expertise and some samples from my previous work. I know that time is a vital component in today's world, that's why I deliver quality applications in a timely manner. I am always open to suggestions, glad to offer my opinion on projects and 100% dedicated to creating top products that will help buyers improve their business.

If you are interested in developing software with me, please drop me a message in the Contact area of the website. I will be happy to analyze your request and provide technical solutions to your ideas or a quote for the job you need done.

Best regards,

Radu Dick

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